Custom Poetry for weddings and events of all types

Though I can provide Poem Guy magic for any event or occasion, I do offer a truly unique option for weddings. Watch my video for details.



Custom Poetry For Events

    I will arrive on site with everything necessary to provide guests with spontaneous poetry, on stylish stationary with envelope, and a complimentary booklet of poems.

                  Event Fees are $150 per hour, plus travel expenses for locations outside of New York City. 


 A Truly Unique Wedding Package


      I will let guests know that all poems requested are to go into a handmade book for the bride and groom.  I will use my interview skills to find the poetic bridge between them and the newlyweds, which could be a memories, wishes, advice, observations, etc.  For instance the grandmother may have some important advice, while the bride's best friend since high school might want to celebrate their wild years while looking forward to their family years.  I aim to create poems that weave the emerging themes and motifs describeing this particular love, community, and wedding, into a single collection of poems. I then hand make a book of all the poems coupled with photos of those who requested them.

      As far as I know I am the only person in the country offering this multi-purpose form of entertainment. Guests get to observe the entertainment of the process, those that participate keep the hard copy of their requested poem as a gift, while the bride and groom receive a one-of-a-kind, personalized keepsake.



       I will arrive on site with everything I need to provide smiles and poetry through out the evening.

      The total cost for this service, and the creation of the book, is $1,400.

Travel expenses apply for all events outside the New York City.

After you fill the submit the form below, I will contact you about the details of your event, such as themes, appropriate dress, etc.

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If you live on Staten Island, or anywhere outside the New York City area, there will be an add fee for travel.
                                                                                 Alternative entertainment for corporate parties

                                                                                 Alternative entertainment for corporate parties

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