Lightening In A Bottle Music Festival 2010

This was composed at, Lightening in a Bottle, in spring of 2010.  A five year old girl saw me unpack my typewriter and wanted to know what it was. I told her I was going to write poems on it.  Then she asked what a poem was.  I offered to make one for her, and she told me she wanted a poem about rainbows.




Looks like another gray wet day
when the doggy's all soggy
and stinky
and the rain drips off the swing set

Drip Drip Drip
Drip Drip

After a nap
at the end of the day
when the sun breaks through the clouds
and all the colors come out to play
Red, Orange and Yellow
Blue, Green and Purple
all the bigshot colors arching up in the sky
I can climb up one side and slide down the other
and splash in a pool of pink
One day I'm gonna tie swing to a rainbow
and swing back and forth and back and forth
like a monkey

So I don't mind the rain
cause I love rainbows