Grand Central Station, NYC 2017

Initially this little girl wanted a poem about family. As our conversation progressed it became about her sister, then was revealed that her sister IS her "mother" (legal guardian as the true mother "sort of fell apart"). I would never have guessed this young girl had to deal with such upheaval as being the survivor of a broken home, she is so well adjusted, cheerful and excited, absolutely articulate. Her sister and her boyfriend are TRULY heroic. Not only putting a fire out and rescuing the child, but giving all they can EVERYDAY, to love that child. 

They left me washed and wondering what I can do to make such a difference in someones life.

The little girl told me about how she loves to watch birds with her cat. The last thing she said, as I started to write, was that Use Somebody was her favorite song.


Use Somebody
like a soft rag
to polish a stone
Use them as a target
for your cupid arrow
People are the best receptacle
grab one and hold on
and let it all go
like a bucket of birds
then you and yours can sit gigglely
chasing their flight
with what it feels like
in your own heart
a flutter
and float
in flight
I tell you
there is nothing in the world
like sitting in a cuddle
with a one you love